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Fic: Long Exposure

Not sure if anyone still hangs out here. But this is a long overdue post.

Title: Long Exposure
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,126
Spoilers: For the entire Tomorrow Series and the Ellie Chronicles
Disclaimer: The Tomorrow Series and its characters belong to John Marsden.
Summary: One-shot. On the seventh anniversary of the war's end, a photographer documents how lives have moved on. Or not.

(You press the shutter. In the image, you see a conscript, shirt parted to reveal your collarbone like a coat-hanger, staring with the weariness of a never-ending war)

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Notes: This is a very old short story that was written in January 2012 for the tomorrow_fans community on LJ, as part of my three fics per fandom promise. (Fun fact: 2 out of 3 of my TBTWB fics are about photography). I rediscovered in a folder while transferring files to my new computer. Sorry I took so long to upload this!
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Hello and questions

I hope it isn't rude for me to pop in here and say hello. I have long been a fan of the books but got busy with real life and being in the US and not following movie releases even in the US, I had no clue a movie had come out till long after it was released. Alas! For I watched it this last weekend and have been OBSESSED all week. Like this is my next favorite movie, and it comes in a close close close second to my favorite movie of all time (and since they are so different, they can't compare in my mind). I keep rewatching it to catch my favorite bits, mainly the visible reactions Ellie gives to having killed people (Caitlin Stasey put so much into the facial expressions and body language, it's wonderful to watch). (I've also fallen in love with several of the songs used, and am frustrated that there is no score released anywhere that I can find, as I would purchase that.)

My question is--where, as an American, is the best place for me to purchase a copy of a DVD with the special features such as deleted scenes and outtakes? I have heard these exist (well, the deleted scenes and outtakes, not so sure about a DVD that has them) and I desperately want to see those. I do not have a Blu-ray player, but I can probably rip other region DVDs to my computer and watch via VLC (as that is how I watch most films anyway). Anyone have any recommendations?

Second question is, what, if anything, can we do as fans to encourage a sequel to be made? I feel so frustrated that I missed the boat the first time, and have been trying to make up for it by telling every friend I know about the series and the movie, that they should read/watch (and I'm gonna get around to posting a lengthy movie review on my LJ for the few friends that read there--and link it other places for people). I hate that I always come in really late to things, and it feels like fandom for this series--and particularly the movie--is just about dead. I don't want that! I was astounded at how well the book was adapted (yes, there are things I would change--but I find the movie still VERY enjoyable regardlss, and there are parts of it, like Ellie's reactions, especially the scene where she flips out at Chris, that are REALLY well-done and make the lesser scenes fade away). I don't even mind many of the changes that were made from book to film (which is a rarity for me). And I can't bear the thought of a sequel being made with a totally different cast--Caitlin Stasey *became* Ellie, to me. She pulled off amazing voiceovers (I was feeling for her character two seconds into her first lines) and all sorts of acting and made me love her character completely. I couldn't see anyone else as Ellie, or Homer, or Robyn, or Fi, or . . . you get the point. But from the looks of it, we may not have any choice if they don't get working on one soon, and everything's just "well, they're working on a script", which could take how long? (And in the meantime the actors and actresses get more famous and less likely to return to a "lesser" movie--the age thing doesn't strike me as as much of an issue, as the film industry frequently uses actors and actresses that are several years off their actual ages. I suspect it'd be more of a "I have a prior commitment and can't be in the film" issue.) So I wonder if there's anything we can do to prevent that sad occasion from happening.

Anyway, hello to all of you. :)
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Ashleigh's Not Quite The Saint After All

Hey kids. So, unless you've been hiding under a rock or, you're not an Australian with weekly access to our tv schedule, you would know that our lovely Ashleigh Cummings has been living the life of Debbie Vickers, a teenager growing up in the Australiana of the 1970's in Channel Ten's 'Puberty Blues'.

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Clearly, seeing as Ashleigh played the role of my favorite TWTWB character, I was eager to watch her on the small screen and enjoy her talents again. (Do you have to be talented to make out with the Bathroom mirror?) Anyway, Ashleigh does not disapoint, but the program has given me disturbing flashbacks of the lifestyle my grandparents and parents lived.
Every day appeared to be an exploration of boundaries in sex, drugs, Molls and Trolls.

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I mean, seriously, peer pressure was a thing I went through back in high school, but I never had it this bad, nor did I actually want to fit in with the other kids quite as badly as Debbie and her best mate Sue.

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Whislt I read the book the series is based on, also called Puberty Blues, I could barely remember it by the time this mini-series came to air, and I was shocked at just how graphic it was.
Yes, call me prudish, but hell, in the 70's they did some wild sh*t. Needless to say, I am enjoying it, although I watch it generally on my own so there are none of those 'awkward' moments. Apparently by watching this show, I have thrown all morality out the window.

If you live overseas, I highly reccomend you find a way to get your grubby hands on the series (the best way I know how is through ), if anything, just to see Ash be cheeky as hell and enjoying sinning her way through high school. :)

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Just look at our girl! Beware, not as innocent as you may think!
Ellie/Homer lovely

Caitlin Stasey on Tomorrow sequel: My involvement may be over

Omnilab Media may remain committed to developing the sequel to 2010 blockbuster Tomorrow, When the War Began but the film's star, Caitlin Stasey, feels her involvement in the project is over.

The actress, who won an IF Award for her performance as Ellie Linton in the adaptation of the best selling John Marsden novel, believes that if a second film does eventually go ahead, it may not feature the original cast members.

"You always hear things, you always hear that someone's writing it, that someone's putting it together," says Stasey. "Nothing has happened until it happens. Unfortunately for the Tomorrow series, I feel that for the actors that were in the first film, maybe our commitment to it is done."

Tomorrow, When the War Began, which was written and directed by Stuart Beattie, was the highest grossing Australian film of 2010, taking $13.48 million at the box office. In February 2011 it was announced that a sequel - also helmed by Beattie - would commence filming in September. But the production was moved back into the development stage when Beattie signed on to write and direct graphic novel adaptation I, Frankenstein.

Omnilab Media managing director, Chris Mapp, told IF late last year that the company was still committed to the project - considering both film and television options. Wish You Were Here filmmaker Kieran Darcy-Smith is currently developing a new version of the script.

Since Tomorrow's release almost two years ago, many of the film's young cast have gone on to build stable careers in the industry. Ashleigh Cummings, who played Robin, is currently appearing in ABC's Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Phoebe Tonkin (Fi) is one of the leads in US supernatural thriller series The Secret Circle and Lincoln Lewis (Kevin) has worked on various shows including SLiDE, Underbelly: Razor and the upcoming Tricky Business.

"By the time we all get together, we'll probably be 35 and too old to play the characters," says Stasey. "Whenever someone tells me that they've seen the film, I thank them profusely just because it makes me so happy. But if they revisit the film in a couple of years and they use the next Australian starlet and the next Australian hunk, audiences have a limited loyalty so I think it'll be fine. I hope for the fans that they have something, even a television show, because people really did love it."

Stasey is currently in the midst of filming her second collaboration with Beattie as a secondary lead in I, Frankenstein alongside Aaron Eckhart.

"He's amazing, he's the single most generous man I've ever met in my life. He has such enthusiasm," she says of the writer/director. "He's like a mascot for positive thinking - it's nice to be around someone who reaffirms constantly that they love what they do, and anybody that loves something so much could never let you down. I hope I get to work with him late, late into my career."

Stasey is also involved in comedian Josh Thomas's upcoming ABC series Please Like Me. The pair met when the actress appeared on popular game show Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. Thomas encouraged Stasey to audition for the role of his character's ex-girlfriend and the rest is history.

"Everything about it was funny – the language, the situations , it was perfect, and it fit into my style of humour," she says of the six-part series. "When I came down here, I was worried I’d have a lot of downtime, but fortunately this came up perfectly. And now they’re coexisting harmoniously in my schedule, which I’m really, really thrilled about."


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Courage Under Fire - A Third Day, The Frost Instrumental Fanmix

Yay! Finally! After at least 12 months of trying to get a new Instrumental Fanmix organized I've finally finished it. I semi-started this in July last year, but with moving cities and re-organizing my life it's taken til JUST THIS MOMENT to complete!

I hope you like it.


Medium: Based on the Book
Fandom: Tomorrow, When the War Began
Subject: The Third Day, The Frost (Book #3)
Title: Courage Under Fire
Notes: I find music can take you so many places that sometimes, visual arts, or the written word can not. This is why I make these fanmix/fanscores. Because when I listen to them, it's like revisiting the pages of the book all over again without having to concentrate on words, which comes in handy, especially late at night.
This particular mix has taken me a very long time to complete and was only completed now because I've been re-reading the series and have fallen in love (again) with it's characters and it's storyline and the heart of the whole series; friendship.
I take not credit for the actual songs used. They are pieces of genius from other composers and writers of soul food and a list of the original song name, where it is from and who it is by is under the cut. I do, however, take full responsibility for mapping out their order in sequence with events in the book, 'The Third Day, The Frost'.

I understand it's been a little quiet around here, but I do hope some of you take the time to download and listen to some beautiful music and be nice enough to leave some feedback for me.

Also, please note: Three of the tracks on this mix are MP4's. I think I've made them accessible, but if not and you would like them, please feel free to contact me. My converter is not working, but you will hopefully be fine!

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Title: DSLR
Rating: T
Words: 3,991
Characters: Mainly Ellie, with cameos by Robyn, Lee, Homer & Fi
Spoilers: Builds upon information Book three.

Summary (extended): One-shot. AU-ish. What if there was no bombardment of Stratton prison, no rescue and escape? 12 moments from Ellie's final week on death row.

Link goes to my journal:

(A week before she’s scheduled to die, Ellie is informed there will be a photo session for her. And they tell her she will get to keep the photographs.)

Thanks for reading :)
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' Trucks rumble in the dark cold, on the road to dispare.
There's no sun, no clouds;
No flags anywhere.
The men walk with bowed heads,
They have no love to spare... '

- Chris Lang

Beautiful and haunting words written by Chris in The Dead of Night.

I'm currently doing a re-read and enjoying every minute of it.
Some of my favorite moments in this book are of Chris's work and it got me thinking of poetry. Does anyone here have any poetry relating to war or the characters in the book etc.

It's got my mind plotting possible threads & melodies.
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FanFic: When the End is just the Beginning

Title: When the End is just the Beginning
Rating: T
Words: 1,939
Characters: Fi, Homer, Ellie, Lee & Kevin
Spoilers: Books one through seven.

Summary: Fi reflects on her relationships after peace is declared.

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TWTWB || Fi: Happy in hell

The Other Side of Dawn - A Series comes to an end

So I've just finished reading The Other Side of Dawn again.

I cannot get over how much I love this series.

For those that have finished the series, what were your final thoughts on it?

Did you go from loathing one character, to loving them by the end of the series?

I know I grew a new appreciation for Kevin.

I like how the series ended, and I rather wished I hadn't read The Ellie Chronicles, as that changed the way I felt about Lee and more pointedly, Lee.

I actually liked Ellie at the end of the Tomorrow Series, but I found her almost rediculous during the EC's.

There were little things about the series that I had forgotten, things I may write fic about,that I won't go into detail about, just incase people haven't finished the series. But keep an eye out for it :)

Also, speaking of Fan Fiction, if you haven't read sharikqah's fiction LAZARUS yet you are missing out. It's awesome. Go. Read. It. NOW!